Welcome to The Real George Osborne – a 14 episode comedy web series about George Osborne’s personal journey towards tackling global hunger. We hope that you enjoy it, share it with your friends and, crucially, take action.

The Real George Osborne has been created for The World Development Movement by HOOT COMEDY. It stars Rufus Jones as The Real George Osborne and Rebecca Johnson as his advisor, Vicki Reed. It was written and directed by Ben Bond and James Rawlings, and produced by Ben Thompson and Annis Waugh.

What is food speculation?

Banks, hedge funds and index funds are betting on food prices in financial markets, causing massive price rises in staple foods such as wheat, maize and soy. In the last year, average food prices increased by 15 per cent, driving more than 44 million people into extreme poverty.

Since widespread deregulation of financial markets in the 1990s, speculators’ share of basic foods like wheat has increased from 12 per cent to 61 per cent. These traders have no connection to the actual food and are only interested in the profit it will make.

What does it have to do with George?

George Osborne, backed by the City of London, is doing all he can to stop EU proposals for regulation of food speculation from being implemented.

But we think he can be persuaded to change his mind. Like all politicians he’s influenced by a need to be popular, not just among his banker friends, but among real people like you.

If enough people email George about food speculation he might listen to us and support regulation. Please take action now.

Who are the World Development Movement?

We are campaigners fighting for global justice. We believe a fairer world is possible if together we take action. Just as campaigning stopped the transatlantic slave trade and won women the vote, it can end global inequality.

We lobby decision-makers, organise public campaigning and produce robust research to win change for the world’s poorest people. We investigate, expose and challenge government policies and corporate actions that harm vulnerable communities and trap people in poverty.